Here be dragons and little green men.

If you cannot tell already, the system administrator, who also doubles as the webmaster, has a bit of a twisted sense of humor.

The domain you have stumbled up, assuming you stumbled upon it, and you were not dragged here kicking and screaming, is ironically called "Domain Taken." As you probably guessed by now, the domain name was chosen out of pure frustration. It would seem any sensible top-level domain name has already been thought up and registered. Sure, I could have come up with an alternative and used one of the many unusual domain extensions available, for example, domain dot pizza, but really, who thinks of those? In our little bubble that is the world-wide-web of The Internet, if you're not a dot com, dot net, dot org, or dot info, are you really going to be the first thought in anyone's mind, much less your own?

Anywho, what is this website for, you may be asking!? This website is where I publically test out software and where you, yourself, can participate if you so desire!

  1. WoltLab Burning Board
  2. Invision Community
  3. FluxBB
  4. ElkArte
  5. Discuz!
  6. WordPress
  7. phpBB
  8. Drupal
  9. Simple Machines
  10. MediaWiki
  11. Flarum
  12. MyBB
  13. Joomla!