Submitted by zelda on Sat, 05/01/2021 - 21:44

Drupal is a CMS (content management system).  It is basically a website in a box.  When comparing Drupal between Joomla, Drupal wins. The development is further along in regards to useability and stability. I do not believe any CMS is without its learning curve, so I suspect that is why most folks use WordPress as a simple CMS, but Drupal would be the next step up.  That said if you are willing to put a little bit of time aside, learning Drupal will not kill you (metaphorically speaking). 

demo image credit invision power servicesAs you can see you can easily place a photo inside an article and have your text wrap around that photo.

I can do this without using any code, just the basic editor.

I could have placed the photo on the left, right, of center of the page.

Done having a look?  https://domaintaken.org  I can type out a URL too without it being a URL https://domaintaken.org




I can also add comments to my post too.  Side note,  the extra space between lines next to the photo, I did on purpose. I wanted to quickly demonstrate that you could indeed wrap text around a photo easily, and I really didn't have much more to say.